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You Won’t Believe What We Found Out About Male UltraCore!

Written By: James F.


As a veteran supplement critic, I can say that I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen overhyped products that flopped big time in its first week, I’ve also seen underdogs that made it big. For 15 years, I’ve studied the intricacies of supplement technology, and I found out that there is one thing that is constant – big spenders in ads offer the poorest quality products.

When we first started reviewing male enhancement supplements, we were quite impressed at the products that always showed up on TV, products that always had ads everywhere – we thought, WOW, these companies must be huge because they can afford all that!

Little did we know, the oversaturation of ads, endorsements, and the like are just telltale signs of products that offer the least amount of benefits for its consumers.

You might ask, WHY would big ad spenders offer poor products?

When it comes to male enhancement supplements, results are mandatory, and products that work would definitely find their way into the hands of people who need them the most. Products that work would not need hefty endorsement bills or hours of airtime just to get people to buy their product. Their best endorsement is the endorsement of satisfied customers. After all, that’s what people really want – RESULTS.

That’s also why people like me have reviews to write. There are simply too many products on the market to try, and on the consumer level, it’s just too expensive to find out that the product you spent hundreds on is just a bust. People like me make it easier for you – the consumers, to dissect the product and figure out if you really want to buy a product or not.

That brings us to our review – Male UltraCore, currently the world’s most popular male enhancement supplement, is now making rounds in different review sites, with plenty of our colleagues in the industry saying that it’s the best they have ever seen. Even supplement critics that we know to be of utmost integrity tell their readers that Male UltraCore is the real deal.

It would have been easy to just take their word for it, but as a supplement expert myself, I HAVE to know – I have to experience, is Male UltraCore really the male enhancement product they all claim to be?

I did an extensive review about Male UltraCore, and found out some pretty amazing facts that no other critic was able to spot – and I’ll share that with you in the latter part of this article.

BUT FIRST, let me share with you WHY I chose to review Male UltraCore.

Let me start by saying that I’m no stranger to male enhancement. I’ve personally tried more than 6 different male enhancement brands, and I think that gives me a bit of an idea about how male enhancement pills should work.

In my experience with male enhancement pills, I found them to fit a certain stereotype. Male enhancement pills typically claim they can increase penis size, improve your libido, extend your stamina, or a combination of the three. Now, my in-depth research tells me that penis enlargement isn’t possible. You can check all sorts of medical databases, and the only real way to increase penis SIZE, is through surgery – or through testosterone replacement, if you are medically incapable of maintaining healthy testosterone levels – outside of that, nothing says that men can increase their penis size.

Male UltraCore is a huge mystery for everyone who has reviewed male enhancement pills. For one, it’s not a product that claims it can increase penis size. Rather, it claims that it can increase erection size.

You might ask, what’s the difference between increasing penis size and erection size?

You may think that increases penis size and increase erection sizes are one and the same, but they aren’t. The myth of increasing size suggests that you can increase your penis size by taking supplements that would increase the MASS of your penis, which is not entirely possible. A man’s penis stops growing by the end of puberty, and no amount of vasodilators and testosterone could change that.

While we’re discussing the subject, there’s no proof that penis enlargement gadgets such as penis pumps, creams, and other gadgets would increase your size too.

On the other hand, increasing a man’s erection size is all too possible – not just in theory, but in actual execution. You may have already experienced this yourself – you are at the height of your sex drive, your hormones are going haywire, you get aroused, and the erection you get will be slightly bigger than your usual erection. Sounds familiar, right? Every man has experienced that before, and that’s what increasing your erection size is.

NOW, Male UltraCore claims that it can increase erection size optimally, giving men that wild erection experience that drives women crazy. The claim may sound amazing, but can it actually happen? Check this out:

While researching about Male UltraCore, I read a lot about The VI-PEX and STEM technology that they use. As it turns out, these aren’t just branded formulas, these are legit technologies, developed from the ground-up, for use exclusively by Male UltraCore.

VI-PEX and STEM Technology

VI-PEX Technology

VI-PEX stands for Vasodilator Ingredients with Penile Expansion. As the name implies, VI-PEX is all about vasodilation – but it’s NOT your ordinary vasodilation. It utilizes a special blend of vasodilators and PDE-5 inhibitors to create breakthrough vasodilation results.

Vasodilation is an important aspect of male enhancement. It helps men achieve erections with more ease, and it helps improve the quality of a man’s erections. With so many experiencing problems having or maintaining an erection due to blockage or narrowing of the blood vessels, a strong vasodilation complex such as VI-PEX would do wonders to improve the erection quality of those who have such problems.

VI-PEX can also be a precursor to increasing the erection size of a person. With an enhanced blood flow, VI-PEX can allow more blood to enter the cavernous spaces in the penis, further increasing the quality of erections that a man experiences.

STEM Technology

STEM stands for Sustained Testosterone Enhancement Method. As the name suggests, STEM is all about producing and sustaining testosterone. Sustaining testosterone is a new concept spearheaded by STEM. Plenty of male enhancement supplements have the capability to increase testosterone, but increasing testosterone is just a small part of maintaining enough free testosterone to produce androgenic benefits to the user. Even worse, increased testosterone production would also increase your buildup of estrogen, since testosterone is naturally metabolized by the aromatase enzyme to create estrogen. Increased estrogen levels could be counterproductive to your male enhancement goals.

What STEM does is to produce testosterone levels while preventing the metabolism of testosterone into other hormones, such as estrogen and DHT. This further increases testosterone and free testosterone levels, while preventing the increase of estrogen. While testosterone also metabolizes into DHT, which produces androgenic benefits, DHT can also increase prostate size, leading to benign prostatic hyperplasia, or the enlargement of your prostate. Basically, STEM is a complex formula that increases free testosterone levels while preventing BPH. How cool is that?

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But here’s an even more interesting question

WHY did they use TWO technologies?

Since VI-PEX focuses solely on increasing vasodilation and extending it over a period of time, it needs to have a subsequent testosterone-boosting complex that will be metabolized by the body, in parallel to its vasodilation effect.

With VI-PEX running in full-swing, it already increases the quality of a man’s erections. However, with the help of STEM, the improvement in blood flow further increases, thanks to the natural tumescence that systemically contracts and dilates blood vessels during the process. As a result, men get a significant improvement in their erection size.

The best part is, VI-PEX and STEM are designed to last longer, with each being fully effective for 24 hours. You won’t have to remember to pop pills before you have sex – that ruins the mood already. All you have to do is take Male UltraCore in the morning, and it will help your body prepare for sexual activity.

While each technology could produce AMAZING male enhancement benefits as standalone products, using both would still create such astounding benefits that no other product in the industry is able to produce.

Male UltraCore’s science definitely looks good on paper, but how effective is it in real life situations? After carefully evaluating the product, I decided to take it myself and see how it works for me.

Like what I’ve mentioned earlier, I’ve experienced some of the industry’s best supplements, and it will take something really impressive to make me change my mind about male enhancement pills – but my entire experience with Male UltraCore definitely made me think twice about male enhancement in general.

Let me share my experience with Male UltraCore with you.

I bought Male UltraCore directly from Although there are Male UltraCore pills offered in other sites, I chose to buy directly from Male UltraCore since they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all purchases.

I got my order after 5 days of waiting, which is normal for these types of transactions. I’d prefer to get my order sooner, but as long as it is within the timeframe given, I’m okay with it. As expected it came in an unmarked box, with just the USPS label as its identification.

I set my daily schedule to take Male UltraCore daily, and as instructed, I took Male UltraCore before breakfast. I took 4 pills (one serving) all at once. If you’re wondering, each bottle has 120 capsules, enough for 30 servings or a full 1 month supply.

At first, I really didn’t feel anything, but that’s what you should expect when taking male enhancement pills. Instant benefits on male enhancement pills are all LIES – either they mix their products with drugs, or they are lying about what their product can do. Either way, it’s not good for you.

My first week with Male UltraCore was quite uneventful. It’s probably not Male UltraCore’s fault that I didn’t get laid that week, but every night I had the urge to masturbate. That’s quite natural, given the fact that I’m taking pills designed to make me feel horny.

I went through my first bottle, feeling a bit better with sex, and my erections are starting to get bigger. These results were enough to motivate me to continue taking Male UltraCore. At this point, Male UltraCore already gave me better results than the products that I was taking before. I was feeling great about my sexual performance, and sex feels much more pleasurable. Little did I know, I have yet to experience the best that Male UltraCore has to offer.

My sexual confidence was building up, and naturally I was in my game – being single was such a treat for me at this point since I was able to meet new women. I had buddies introduce me to their friends, I met new women at the bar, I was even getting it from the barista at my favorite coffee place. I can say it was just my game that all made it happen, but if that was true, I would’ve had experienced this level of attention from women long ago.

I came to the realization that hardness is more important than the size of the penis. I had an average-sized penis that looked like a monster when I’m erect. Ladies love it hard, and ladies love it when your erection shows how horny you are. They will do all sorts of things just to make you pop – and you’ll love it when they do.

The biggest change for me was my erection size and how long I was able to keep up with these women. I was going on and on until one of us is completely spent OR dehydrated. That’s how intense my stamina is. My stamina is one of the reasons why women loved to spend the night with me. They were sure it wasn’t going to be a waste of time.


3 Bottles of Male UltraCore Enhancement Pills

Male UltraCore PROS and CONS



High-quality ingredients

Cutting-edge technology


Money-back guarantee

Discreet shipping


None as of writing


Male UltraCore definitely deserves the title of being the #1 male enhancement pill today. There isn’t any other product that could come close to what Male UltraCore can do. Male UltraCore gave me one of the best sexual experiences I’ve ever had, and that’s not an easy feat to do. I’ve used plenty of male enhancement pills that I thought were good, but this one definitely takes the cake. If you’re not convinced that Male UltraCore can do what it says it would do, then you have to try it for yourself. After all, it’s basically risk-free since they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Male UltraCore gives men an opportunity of a lifetime, to improve their sexual performance. Not every product can do that – and it’s high time that we recognize the only product that can. Although Male Ultracore is slightly pricier than other male enhancement pills, it gives a LOT more than what the other pills offer. Plus, with the free membership program in place, you’d end up paying the average cost for a 1-month supply of male enhancement pills.

At the end of the day, how you value your sexual performance would dictate if Male UltraCore is for you or not. For someone like me who has had extensive experience with male enhancement pills, Male UltraCore has the equivalent of 4 different products, fused into one. I tend to look at the logical side of things. If I’m buying a male enhancement pill, it SHOULD be the best, or it wouldn’t justify my purchase. Why bother buying a product if you’d only end up in mediocrity?

Buy the best or bust. That’s the motto.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where did you buy your Male UltraCore pills?

I bought mine from

Did you get paid to review Male UltraCore?

No. Like every single one of my reviews, I wrote this review without any external influence. My objective is to shed light on the unconventional world of male enhancement and give you my raw thoughts on the subject.

How much did you pay for Male UltraCore?

Since prices may change over time, I would simply suggest that you visit Male UltraCore’s official website for the appropriate pricing of Male UltraCore.

Would you recommend their free membership program?

Yes, I would. It’s a no-brainer. You get free shipping, and 50% off on your third bottle and onwards. No additional fees or subscriptions needed. That’s a deal that’s worth having.


James F.

James is a seasoned supplement analyst who has been reviewing supplements for the last 15 years. He is one of the pioneer supplement critics that made unbiased reviews popular. For the last 2 years, James dedicated his time reviewing male enhancement supplements in search of the best male enhancement products.